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All eLearning courses offer a practically based, engaging and ultimately rewarding learning experience for the delegate. Each course has been written by long-standing industry professionals, sharing their experiences, advice and best-practices gained through working with many successful leisure organisations. It's a great way to expand your knowledge while gaining recognised certifications to boost your resume.

  • Certification Series

    This series of courses are between 10 and 25 hours of guided learning, covering the subjects from a practical perspective and loaded with practical examples and real-life case studies.

  • Modular Series

    The “Modular” series breaks our Certification qualifications down into manageable, bite-size parts that can be studies separately, but combine together to qualify for the Certificate.

  • Essential Series

    The “Essentials” series of eLearning courses cover just that – the essential skills and knowledge needed to work in a golf and leisure environment, from craft level through to managerial.


Effective Governance for Golf Clubs

Course Cost: £99.00 (exc.VAT)

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- Study Time: Approximately 10 hours
- Time Limit: 6-months to complete
- Tutor Support: Included

This course explains how golf clubs of all types – member-owned and commercially-owned – are able to establish an effective and democratic decision-making structure, ensuring accountability and transparency throughout. It explores how to move a golf club decision-making process to one that is guided by policy ensuring a positive and constructive relationship between the management team and the owners and members.


About E-Learning

Promote Training use an advanced “Learning Management System” to offer an interactive and engaging learning experience that’s both cost effective and accessible to anyone, anywhere. Once registered with the Learning Management System and enrolled on a course, delegates enter the eLearning environment of their chosen course. Navigating through the course is intuitive and requires no significant computer knowledge or experience.


Questions & Answers

Q: Do I need any formal qualifications to do the course?
A: No. These are practical-based training courses suitable for everyone.

Q: Do I need to be working in the golf or leisure industry to do the course's?
A: No. In fact, they’re a great way of learning about the job before you start work in the industry.

Q: How difficult are the course's?
A: Because they’re practical-based courses, not theory, we believe they’re very achievable for anyone either working in, or with an interest in, the leisure industries.

Q: How do you grade or monitor my progress?
A: Through a series of self-assessment ‘quizzes’ throughout the course and an end-of-course assignment that is submitted to your Promote Training tutor for marking.

Q: How long does a course take to complete?
A: It varies from course-to-course and is shown in the course prospectus.

Q: How do I pay?
A: Pay online via PayPal’s secure payment services. You don’t need to be a member of PayPal to do this.

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Q: When do I start the course?
A: That’s the great thing about eLearning – start when your ready.

Q: Is there a time limit for their completion?
A: There is a six-month time limit on all courses, but this really is ample enough time to complete them.

Q: Can I study more than two courses at once?
A: Yes you can.

Q: What qualification do I receive at the end of the course?
A: You’ll receive the Promote Training Certificate in your chosen topic. This qualification is recognized by a growing number of organizations, clubs and leisure businesses.

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