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Managed job listings provide an accessible solution to hiring senior management and executive professionals without premium recruitment fee's. Tap into our network of regional and international senior management talents and discover the perfect match for your team. The benefits of what a managed job listing delivers are

Reduced hiring cost / Increased productivity.

Save your organisation money by significantly decreasing your hiring cost, focusing your time on increasing the productivity and revenue of your core business.

Access niche talent. 

Leverage our extensive network of proven management professionals, quick access to qualified candidates is one of many benefits of a managed job listing.

Hire stronger candidates, that stay longer.  

With access to the best talent in depth, you select the candidate that best aligns with your organisation and that will assist with the development and growth of your organisation.​

Access our expertise. 

Utilising our experienced golf employment consultants as an extension of your team, provides accessibility to deep candidate networks and leading market intelligence.


  • A fully managed job listing by our team of recruitment consultants.

  • Featured at the top of all job listings.

  • Promoted extensively to experienced management executives.

  • Resume screening / filtering available.

  • Unlimited complimentary employer support.

  • Valid for up to 60 days.


  • Reach a target demographic of management professionals.

  • We'll deliver your job listing to all matched candidates.


Managed job listings are an affordable way to hire senior management. Tap into our network of executive professionals. 

$ 279.00 USD